New York & Harbor Art

Nick began training himself to work in other mediums. In this self-exploration he found himself drawn over and over to the gritty, working, busy marine activity of New York Harbor as it passed its prime in the mid-20th century.  Nick sees quiet dignity in the work-worn waterfront and people he paints.  Some of his most recent  paintings, in oil, are very large (up to 10 ft in length) depictions of ferry terminals, tug boats, and scenes of mixed boats and ships and merchant vessels in an around the New York City waterfront.

Nicholas Berger’s art resonates with people who share his affection for old industry and the heroism of hard work as time quietly turns the pages to begin new chapters. A Nicholas Berger painting is not romanticized. This artist is attracted to the beauty of decay, a streak of rust, and the fading paint of a disappearing era.  Nicholas Berger says “These are romance paintings, but they are not romantic.”

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New York & Harbor Art

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